Product and Care

We design all our products in-house with our leather phone cases expertly crafted for a slim-line and protective fit.  Our signature cases are made from premium grain leather ensuring hides closely represent their natural state removing any variations and blemishes only when necessary.     

Your leather will wear and age developing a natural patina over time. In order to ensure the longevity of both your leather and the printed surface, we recommend you treat your leather with care.  Avoid exposure to prolonged sunlight, excessive heat, humidity and moisture, make-up, dyed materials, solvents and abrasive surfaces. Immediately wipe moisture off with a dry, soft cloth. Use only a partially, soft cloth to clean.  Do not store anything between your phone and case as this may cause stretching and deform the leather. 

Most of our beaded straps and lanyards are strung in-house, by hand. Beaded straps can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. They are not suitable for children.  Choking and strangulation hazard.       

We are committed to understanding the supply chain and ensuring all our products are manufactured to the highest standard possible.  A commitment to consistency across our brand is paramount through our production process.  As we grow our brand, we are committed to continuing to research and implement sustainability initiatives.