Nathan Paddison - 'coke oH channel' - PU Leather iPhone Case

Have the best of both worlds!  A luxurient 'REEL fake' Nathan Paddison print on PU Leather with the compact silhouette offering an outer rubber shell providing extra protection and grip.  The ultimate luxury for those requiring their phone case to be a little more 'life proof'.  All FANTÔME Brand PU Leather iPhone Cases are lined in premium black flocking. The PU leather collection is available across our 12, 13 and 14 series. 

Maximize practicality and style by accessorising with the FANTÔME Brand strap, lanyard and charm collection.   Accessories can be connected with our tag carabiner through the 

Scale of image may change slightly depending on iPhone case size. 

The PU Leather iPhone Case has wireless charging compatibility and is MagSafe compatible.